Open Road Music

Who are we?

Open Road Music is a brand new record label bringing you the very best in acoustic music from a unique collective of singers, songwriters, friends and musicians.

So what makes us different?

We’re not so much about individual artists but more about discovering how all of our various gifts and talents can fit together to bring you music that is enjoyable, original and individual.

We seek to find and encourage new musical talent and provide them a platform on which to record and perform; a safe place in which to develop their art.

We care very much about our world, the people who live in it, about the singer and about the song.

We try to bring you music that is honest, open, inspiring and also leave you with food for thought.

We like to think that our product is original, individual, handmade.

All of us at Open Road Music are very much at the beginning of a musical journey ... We’re not quite sure where it will lead, but we hope you can join us and share the adventure ... and together we’ll see how the road unwinds.

Open Road Music - Music for people who listen

Open Road Music Volume 1 features vocals by:

Rosie Meek

Pete Webb

Mal Pope